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When nothing stands between you and the next adventure, why not pack what you need and hit the road.


Uni-Go Touring Uni-Go Classic Uni-Go Retro

The Uni-Go range of motorcycle trailer design combines effortless handling and performance with the practical requirements of towing your world behind you. A rigid coupling system, single-wheel design, and an ingenious suspension system give the Uni-go incredible stability at speed.

It tracks in your tracks. It leans when you lean. It implores you to ride the way you know best.

With more than enough room for stowing those things that make life on the road more comfortable, Uni-go may well become your favorite long distance touring companion.

Go on. Ride like you do.



Superb Handling
Regardless of the load weight, the Uni-go suspension system eliminates bounce to create an exceptionally smooth and stable ride. Even when its fully loaded, Uni-go has minimal effect on your bike's cornering and braking abilities.

Ride like you do!
Uni-go tracks perfectly inline with your bike.
Ride the best lines - Uni-go leans with you into the corners. It has minimal effect on fuel consumption by towing in the bike's slipstream - Stu Oltman of Wingworld Magazine
It's no wider than the bike - wherever it fits, so does the trailer.

The facts    
Overall length 53" / 135 cm  
Width 22" / 54cm  
Height 32" / 80cm  
Body Length 36" / 92cm  
Cargo space 140 Liter / 5 Cubic Feet  
Empty weight 70lbs. / 32kg  
Max. Cargo weight 110lbs. / 50kg  
Tongue Weight 1/3 of combined trailer & load weight  
Tire Metzeler 130 / 70 / 10  
Chassis Light weight steel  
Swing arm Off set counter acting cast alloy  
Suspension Coil spring with rebound damper  
Coupling Quick release, cast stainless steel
Body Fiberglass
Body finish Painted using high end automotive finish – color matched
Hinges Chrome steel
Carpet Fully lined with removable centre piece
Alloy Handle Cast alloy
Lights 12 volts – Stop / Light / L & R Turn
Bra Padded black vinyl, snap fitted to body (when available)
Clear film protector 3M clear chip protector
Circuit relay Isolates trailer circuitry from the bike. A must for Fuel injected/ABS equipped models
With volume a little less than a 44-gallon drum, you'll be surprised at how much gear fits inside a Uni-go. The large opening allows easy access for bulky objects.


Prices - Uni-Go Trailers
    Click for Uni-Go Parts Prices

Item Description Preferred Vendor Price
TR1010 Touring Trailer,Base Package includes standard color (choice Black or White), Powder coat Draw Bar Black, Powder coat Wheel (choice Black or Silver), Powder coat Handle (choice Black or Silver) Key Lid Lock, Interior Light, 12v power outlet, Unigo rece... 2,400.00
TR1030 Retro Trailer, Base Package includes standard color (choice Black or White), Powder coat Draw Bar Black, Powder coat Wheel (choice Black or Silver), Powder coat Handle (choice Black or Silver) Key Lid Lock, Interior Light, 12v power outlet, Unigo recei... 2,500.00
TR1020 Classic Trailer,Base Package includes standard color (choice Black or White), Powder coat Draw Bar Black, Powder coat Wheel (choice Black or Silver), Powder coat Handle  2,500.00
TR2020 Color Match (upgrade) 275.00
TR2040 Premium Paint (upgrade) 450.00
special Pant  750.00
Prime -100.00
TR6045 Power coat Handle Black Standard
TR6046 Power Coat Handle Silver Standard
TR6050 Polished handle up grade 65.00
TR3010 Power Coat Wheel Silver Standard
TR3011 Power Coat Wheelblack Standard
TR3020 Polished Wheel up grade 165.00
TR3030 Chrome Wheel Up grade 289.00
TR5010 Power Coat Draw Bar Standard
TR5020 Chrome draw bar (upgrade) 350.00
TR3281 Polished Receiver


Lid Lock Standard Key standard
Lid Lock Chrome Combination Lock 20.00
Lid Lock Black Combination Lock 20.00
TR6235 Three bag set 130.00
T7660 Trailer Isolation Relay 65.00
TR7011 BMW Hitch K1200LT 305.00
TR7012 BMW Hitch K1200 RS/GT 305.00
TR7010 BMW Hitch K75/K100 RS/RT 305.00
TR7017 BMW Hitch R1100/R1150 Rt/RS 305.00
TR8011 BMW R1200CL 305.00
TRN9001 HD FLHD-FLH Black Receiver 395.00
TRN9002 HD FLHD-FLH Chrome Receiver 494.00
TRN903 HD FLH 1995-2008 Black receiver 395.00
TRN9004 HD FLH 1995-2008 Chrome receiver 494.00
TRH9005 HD Softail Receiver 515.00
TRH9006 HD Softail wide tire Chrome 550.00
TRH9007 HD Street Glide 2008 & earlier Black Receiver 395.00
THR9007C HD STreet Glide 2008 & earlier Chrome Receiver 494.00
TR8040 GL 1800 Honda Hitch w/plug and play wiring and  relay 399.00
TR Honda St 1100 305.00
TR Honda St 1300 305.00
TR6010 Interior Light Standard
TR6011 Power Outlet 119.00
TR8040 Honda GL 1800 Hitch w/plug and play wiring and  relay 479.00
TR8042 Honda ST1300 Hitch 305.00
TR7030 Honda ST1100 Hitch 305.00
TR7050 Kawasaki GTR/Concourse Pre 99 305.00
TR8046 Kawasaki Voyager XII 305.00
TR8065 Suzuki Burgman Hitch 305.00
TR6061 Suzuki GSX 1400 Hitch 305.00
YamStar Hitch Yamaha Star Hitch 305.00
Yamaha ST 1300 325.00
T3271 Ball Plate hitch to Unigo Black 95.00
T3271c ball Plate hitch to Unigo Chrome 165.00
T3272 Horizon Receiver to Unigo Black 95.00
T3272C Horizon Receiver to Unigo Chrome 165.00
T3274 Vertical Receiver to Unigo Black 95.00
T3274C Vertical Receiver to Unigo Chrme 165.00
T3276 Rivco to Unigo Black 95.00
T3276C Rivco to Unigo Chrome 125.00
Trailer Shipping Door to Door Shipping USA 245.00
Trailer Shipping Door to Door ShippingCanada 375.00
FactoryPickup Jacksonville, FL assembled no crate 75.00
FactoryPickup Jacksonville, FL crated for shipping 165.00
Pickup Installed, hitch and Wiring wo/ABS 275.00
Pickup Installed, hitch and Wiring
  Texas Motorcycle Trailer Installed, Hitch and Wiring 200.00
ADD to Hitch BMW K1600GTL weith electrics 595.00
ADD to Hitch BMW R1200RT up to '09 with electrics 450.00
u cover Cover for Unigo trailer Assorted Colors 85.00


Prices -Uni-Go Parts
    Click for Uni-Go Trailer Prices

Item P/N Description    Price
US Pivot Bolt H1008 US Pivot Bolt (each)  2.00ea 2.00
US Pivot Acorn Nu H1017 US Pivot Acorn Nut (each)  1.75ea 1.75
Handle Bolts H1026 Handle Bolts (ea)  3.00 3.00
Rebound Damper Bumper H1028 Rebound Damper Bumper  3.00 10.00
NZ Pivot Bolt 8MM H1031 NZ Pivot Bolt 8MM (each)  2.25 18.00
Rebound Damper Bushing H1042 Rebound Damper Bushing  1.00 75.00
Bearing Spacer H1048 Bearing Spacer  8.00 8.00
Body Bolt Assembly H1063 Body Bolt Assembly 3.50
Body Bolt Seals H2011 Body Bolt Seals 1.00
Terminal Strip H2022   Terminal Strip 3.75
Draw Bar Grommet H2023 Draw Bar Grommet  1.00 1.00
Trailer Body (Primed) T3010 Trailer Body (Primed)  1299.00 1,299.00
Trailer Lid (Primered) T3020 Trailer Lid (Primer)  165.00 165.00
Touring Light Cowl T3030 Touring Light Cowl T3030 Primed Cowl, Badge and Hardware..Note: Newer version uses bolts instead of studs. Some minor modifications may be required.169.95.. 59.95
Classic License Plate Bracket T3039 Classic License Plate Bracket  18.00 18.00
Classic Fender (Primed T3040 Classic Fender (Primed)  169.00 169.00
Retro Fender (Primed) T3041 Retro Fender (Primed)  169.95 169.95
Trailer Wire T3045 Trailer Wire per foot 2.75
Touring Fender Tail Ligh T3050 Tail Light /Fender Assembly Touring 95.00
Left Turn Signal Lens Touring T3052 Left Turn Signal Lens Touring  19.95 19.95
Right Turn Signal Lens Touring T3053 Right Turn Signal Lens Touring  19.95 19.95
Stop \ Tail Light Lens Tourin T3054 Stop \ Tail Light Lens Touring  25.00
Touring Tail Light Lens Set T3055 Touring Tail Light Lens Set  56.00 56.00
Tail Light Classi T3060 Tail Light Classic  39.95 39.95
Turn Signal Classic T3070 Classic Turn Signal left or right each 19.95
Tail Light Retro T3080 Tail Light Retro  59.95 59.95
Bullet Light LED Retro T3083 Bullet Light LED Retro  68.00 68.00
Hinges (US) kit T3152 Hinges (US) kit  Hinges - Pair.. Gasket Set.. 2- Nylock Nuts.. 4- Button Head Bolts 130.00.. 130.00
Hinge Gasket (US) T3155 Hinge Gasket (US)  8.00 8.00
Lid Lock - Key T3160 Lid Lock - Key  18.00 18.00
Lid Lock Chrome Combinatio T3162 Combo Lid Lock Brush Chrome 18.00
Lid Lock Black Combination T3163 Lid Lock Black Combination  18.00 18.00
Key Blanks T3165 Key Set (Blank) 2.50
Lid Rubber - Standard T3170 Lid Rubber - Standard  18.95 18.95
Lid Rubber - Oversiz T3171 Lid Rubber - Oversize  20.00 20.00
Badge - Large T3180 Badge Large 5.50
Decal - Touring 2ea T3200 Decal - Touring 2ea.  16.50 16.50
Decal Classic T3210 Decal Classic 2 ea.  16.50 16.50
Decal Retro T3215 Decal Retro 2 ea.  16.50
Chassis Complete T3220 Chassis Complete  725.00 725.00
Replacement Drawbar Attachment T3225 Replacement Drawbar Attachment Plate  49.00 49.00
 Front Rubber Cover T3230 Chassis Front Rubber  Includes 14 Rivets 20.00 20.00
NZ Pivot Set T3240 Pivot Kit NZ 18.95
Bumper Stop T3241 Bumper Stop  1- Bumper.. 1-Flat Washer.. 1-Nylock Nut 20.00.. 20.00
US Pivot Se T3248 US Pivot Kit 75.00
Swing Arm T3250 Swing Arm  1- ..Swing arm.. 1- Damper Assy.. 1- Nylon Bushing Set..2- Nylon Caps 175.00.. 175.00
Spring Kit T3251  1- Spring..1- Rubber Bumbler 34.95.. 34.95
Spring T3251 Spring Kit 19.95
Swing Arm Decal Set T3255 Swing Arm Decal Set  3.25 3.25
Draw Bar - Powder Coated T3260 Draw Bar - Powder Coated  1- Coupling Receiver.. 1- Tension Bolt.. 1- Grommet.. 1- Zinc Coated Safety Chain..1- Hitch Lock  275.00.. 275.00
Zinc Plated Safety Chain T3262 Zinc Plated Safety Chain  15.00
Draw Bar - Chrome T3263 Draw Bar - Chrome  1- Coupling Receiver.. 1- Tension Bolt.. 1- Grommet.. 1- Stainless Steel Safety Chain.. 1- Hitch Lock 495.00.. 495.00
Stainless Safety Chain T3263 Stainless Safety Chain  17.75.. 17.75
Conversion from Tow Ball to Uni T3271 Tow Ball to Unigo Adapter 95.00
Conversion from Horizontal Rece T3272 Conversion from Horizontal Receiver Hitch 95.00
Conversion Uni-go Hitch to Tow T3273 Conversion Uni-go Hitch to Tow Ball  ..4- M8x35 CS Bolts.. 4- M8 Flat  Washers..3- M8 Nyloc Washers  95.00.. 95.00
Conversion from Vertical Receiv T3274 Vertical Adapter 95.00
Conversion from Uni-Go Receiver T3275 Conversion from Uni-Go Receiver to Tow Ball  95.00 95.00
Conversion from Rivco GL1800 Hi T3276 Conversion from Rivco GL1800 Hitch to Uni-Go T3276 95.00 95.00
Conversion for Victory Vision H T3279 Conversion for Victory Vision Hitchdoc Hitch  95.00 95.00
Receiver Polished T3281 Receiver Polished 1- Tension Bolt.. 4- M8x25 CS/SS Bolts.. 4- M8 Flat Washers..5- Nyloc Nuts 99.99.. 99.99
Coupling Inner T3290 Coupling Inner  59.95 59.95
U-Joint Cover Dis T3291 U-Joint Cover Disc (ea)  00.35 0.35
Receiver Bolt Kit - Short T3300 Receiver Bolt Kit - Short  4- M8x16 CS Bolts 6.75 6.75
Receiver Bolt Kit - Medium T3305 Receiver Bolt Kit - Medium  4- M8x25 CS Bolts.. 4- M8 FW / Nylock Nuts..5- Flat Washers 6.75.. 6.75
Receiver Bolt Kit - Long T3310 Receiver Bolt Kit - Long  4- M8x35 CS / SS Bolts.. 4- M8 FW / Nylock Nuts..4- Flat Washers 6.75.. 6.75
Hitch Lock T3320 Hitch Lock 20.00
Hitch Lock T3320 Hitch Lock 22.00
Tension Bolt T3321   Tension Bolt 6.35
Electrical Wiring Kit T3340 Electrical Wiring Kit  Electrical wiring kit for the bike side..5- Wire Ties.. 5- Wire Tap Connectors.. 40"- 7 Conductor Wire..1- Bike Side Plug 35.00.. 35.00
Rebound Dampe T3341 Rebound Damper  1- M8 Nut.. 1- Damper Bolt..1- Rubber Bumper 26.95.. 2.25
Cushion Strips T4001 Cushion Strips  5.00 5.00
Wheel - Tri-Spoke Powder Coat S T4010 Wheel - Tri-Spoke Powder Coat Silver  2- Wheel Bearings.. 1- Valve..1- Bearing Spacer237.00.. 237.00
Wheel - Tri-Spoke Powder Coat B T4030 Wheel Black Power coat 237.00
Wheel - Tri-Spoke Polished T4040 Wheel - Tri-Spoke Polished  2- Wheel Bearings.. 1- Valve..1- Bearing Spacer 375.00.. 375.00
Axle Kit T5002 Axle kit (Axle Spacer w/ Bearings) 55.00
Wheel Bearing Kit T5010 Wheel Bearing Kit 39.95
Nylon Plugs (ea) T5030 Nylon Plugs (ea)  1.50ea 1.50
US Pivot Nut Cove T5031 US Pivot Nut Cover  1.00 1.00
Tire 130/70/10 T5040 Metzler Tire 10-130 69.95
NZ Draw Bar Bolt Ki T5060  NZ Draw Bar Bolt Kit 4- M12x30 CS/SS bolts..4- M12 Nylock Nuts 15.25.. 18.00
US Draw Bar Bolt Kit T5061 US Draw Bar Bolt Kit  4- M12x30 SS Bolts..3- M12 Nylock Nuts 15.25.. 15.20
Universal Joint Kit T5070 Universal Joint Kit  4- Bearings / Seals.. 4- Nylon Bushes.. 4- "C" Clips..2- Cover Discs 75.00.. 75.00
Trailer Plug T5080 Trailer side Plus 15.00
Bike Plug T5090 Bike Side Trailer Plug 15.00
Power Socket T6011 Power Socket  10.00 1.50
 LED Interior Li T6012 Battery Powered LED Interior Light - Portable  9.95 9.95
Carpet Set T6020 Carpet Set  115.00 115.00
Lid Carpet T6021 Lid Carpet  29.95 29.95
Clear Film - Stone Chip Protect T6030 Clear Film - Stone Chip Protector  39.95 39.95
Chrome Trim Kit T6041 Chrome Trim Kit  30.00 30.00
Handle - Blac T6045 Handle - Black  115.00 1- Handle.. 2- M8x55 CS / SS Bolts.. 115.00
Handle - Silve T6046 Handle - Silver  1- Handle.. 2- M8x55 CS / SS Bolts115.00.. 115.00
Handle - Polish T6050 Handle - Polish  1- Handle.. 2- M8x55 CS / SS Bolts 149.00.. 149.00
Bags Full Set (3) T6135 Full Bag Set (3) 130.00
Isolation Relay T7660 Isolator Relay, Sub harness needed for bike side connection 65.00
GL1800 Sub Harness T7662 GL1800 Sub Harness  Sub harness to make plug and play connection between GL1800 and Isolation relay15.00 20.00
EC07662 T7662 Trailer Rely Sub Harness Hon GL18 20.00
Generic Sub Harness T7663  Universal sub harness for isolation relay 15.00 15.00
EC07663 T7663 Generic Sub Harness  15.00
BMW CAN Bus Adapte T7665 BMW Can Bus Adapter 55.00
HD FLH Sub harness T7667 Trailer Relay Sub Harness Harley most 97 & up - alarm safe 20.00
GL18-2012 T7672 GL 1800 2012 Sub-harness Plug and Play P/N  20.00
GL1500 Sub Harness T7761 GL1500 Sub Harness  Sub harness to make plug and play connections between the isolation relay and a GL1500. 15.00 15.00
BMW R1200RT Sub Harness R1200RT Sub Harness 20.00
HD Sub 6pin Harley Davidson Sub Harness 6 pin Molex 20.00
HD Sub 8pin Harley Davidson Sub Harness 8 pin Molex 20.00
Harley "AAMP" p/n 07667 most 97 & up - alarm safe 


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. How long does delivery take after ordering?
A. Our standard production service is anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on volume of sales at the time. We do offer an express production service that guarantees a 10 day production service time. In either case freight time should be allowed. This ranges from 5-10 days depending on your locality.

Q. Will the Trailer be shipped to my door? 
A. For US customers this is standard. For all other countries this is an option. The primary option for other countries is a delivery to a major airport.

Q. How are the trailers packed? 
A. Trailers are packed into a custom-designed box. Trailer is in a kit set form, draw bar, wheel and hitch are stowed either inside the body or in the same box. Chassis is bolted to the base ply. Foam padded MDF lines the internal sides so that the box does not deform when handled. The body is protected with foam sheet and has been packed into a bag to protect paint finish. 

Q. Would the box fit into the back of my 4x4?
A. Yes, dimensions are H= 75cm (30") X W= 56cm (22") X L=105cm (42") Weight 60 kg / 140 lb

Q. Are the trailers insured when shipped?
A. All trailers in transit are cover against damage caused by mishandling or total loss. Should you receive a unit that shows damage, please contact shipper, take pictures, then contact us..

Q. Am I required to purchase any exotic tools for assembly/mounting?
A. No, basic tools commonly found in any garage will do.

Q. How much camping gear can I fit in the trailer?
Please refer to our 'Specifications'. You will be surprised. In just about every case people comment on just how rooming the trailer is inside.


Q. In what currency will my purchase be charged? 
A. We are located in Texas, USA, and all charges will be made in U.S. Dollars. If you are located outside the USA, please check with your card issuer to learn of any extra fees or conversion rates that they may apply.

Q. Do you charge sales tax? 
A. That depends on the laws of your state. Even if we do not collect sales tax on your purchase, you may be required to pay the sales tax/ use tax at your local DMV (or similar entity) when you register the trailer for the first time.

Q. Are there any other charges that I am responsible for in getting the trailer if delivery is to my door?
A. If you select and pay for door to door delivery, and if your trailer is delivered to a US address, there should be no additional charges..

Q.  How will I receive confirmation of my order?
A. We will email a full breakdown of options and expected ETA. You will also receive a PDF formatted invoice so that you are informed every step of the way. Changes can be made at this time. Updates will follow as progress is under way. This would include freight tracking on line.


Q. Do I have to license the Uni-go as a trailer? 
A. In many States the answer is Yes. Some US States exempt light trailers from licensing. Please contact you licensing office for clarification on this.

Q.  Has the Uni-go been DOT approved?
A. Yes. All trailers are fitted with an appropriate compliance plate and are supplied with all documentation.


Q. Has any testing been done on the trailer?
A. The Uni-Go trailer design has undergone extreme testing while in tow under virtually all conceivable conditions. It has been towed empty while staying on the road and directly behind the bike doing what it was designed to do. It has been put through its paces over years of testing.

This would include:


Q. Does the trailer have a front prop stand or a side stand?
A. No. It has a 200mm / 8" wide chassis which it rests on. 

Q. What prevents the trailer from falling over when I stop?
A. The trailer is connected though a universal joint unlike other trailers that use a tow ball. This keeps the trailer inline with the bike at all times but allowing it to move when riding over bumps and cornering so that it performs with the bike. The trailer leans with you.

Q. How much extra weight will I notice when picking the bike of its side stand with a full trailer attached?
A. Not a lot. Due to the load being low it would feel lighter that half the load on the back of the bike.

.Q. Will the trailer fit through a standard door?
A. Yes, Many customers pull their trailers into hotel rooms. This of cause saves unpacking their luggage.


Q. Does the trailer have suspension?
A. Yes the trailer has a sophisticated suspension design. A counter-acting swing arm with a rebound dampener. This works well though the weight range.

Q. Will the trailer bounce if towed empty?
A. No, it may skip road imperfections, but will always cancel out any bumps on first road contact. The rider wouldn’t even notice this happening. The trailer performs very well through the full weight range.

Q. Do I have to adjust the suspension for different load weights?
A. No, the trailer’s suspension design, in combination with the tire, will work well from empty through full load weight range.

Q. Why does the UJ feel stiff?
A. The UJ needle bearings have been replaced with Nylon bushings. This is to reduce the bearing clearance so that slop is eliminated. Bearing slop would generate trailer instability at speed. The UJ will feel stiff if compared to UJ’s fitted with Needle bearings. The trailer will have little trouble moving the UJ while being towed.

Q. Do I need to grease the Universal Joint or Suspension?
A. No, there is no need for any maintenance or adjustment. All you need to do is check tire pressure from time to time.

Q. What does the Hitch lock, lock?
A. The hitch lock will secure the trailer to your bike. This way you can be sure that it will remain where you last left it. It is fitted in place of the standard hitch pin.


Q. What is a Clear Film?
A. 3M clear film is applied to the frontal portions of the trailer body to protect paint from stone chips. 

Q. How does the Bra fix to the Trailer?
A. The frontal Bra is attached by way of Snaps! The Bra is removable for cleaning. (When available) 

Q. What is the advantage of the Bra over the Clear Film?
A. There is extra protection from the Bra over the CF. The CF is certainly adequate to protect the paint. The Bra offers that personal touch to complete the package. 


Q. Is the Uni-go wheel standard?
No, each wheel is custom made to our specification as are many other items on the trailer.

Q. Are replacement tires available in the US?
A. Yes. Any of our representatives should have these in stock. We can also supply these through the postal service. Plus Parts Unlimited list the tire and should be available at many motorcycle shope. I.e> dealers, Cycle Gear

Q. How many miles would a Tire last before I need to replace it?
A. I have heard from a number of our customers that tires are lasting beyond 50,000 miles. The best case is 66,000 miles and still going.

Q. What brand of tire comes with the trailer?
A. Metzeler 130/70/10.

Q. Is the Tire Tubeless?
A. Yes.

Q. After tire replacement is alignment necessary, and can it be done with basic tools?
A. No, but the wheel will need to be balanced after the new tire is installed. This can be done on the trailer by blocking the trailer of the ground so that the wheel spins free. Spin slowly and note the heavy side of wheel. (Will drop to ground). Place sticky balance weights to the opposite until the wheel turns evenly.


Q. What is the relay and why would I need it? 
A. The Circuit Relay isolates the trailer circuitry from the bike’s circuitry. The relay is mounted under the seat and is wired directly to the bike’s battery. The relay will pick up any signal such as a brake signal and draw the power directly from the battery. This device will prevent extra amperage draw on the bike’s circuitry. This is a must if your bike is equipped with ABS or Integrated braking system. The unit has its own fuses and sub-harnesses are available for the GL1500 and GL1800.

Q. Is the wiring harness included? 
A. Yes. All electrical items are included. There is nothing additional to purchase to complete set-up.


Q. Are the hitches you supply specific to the Uni-go? 
A. Yes. The hitch frame is specifically designed for the Uni-go trailer. We do supply hitches to be used for other trailers.

Q. Can I use my existing hitch with the Uni-go? 
A. Yes, we can supply an adaptor for many hitch types. See the price list for details. 

Q. Does the hitch require any welding/cutting or drilling to install on any brand of MC? 
A. No welding, cutting, or drilling is required to install Uni-Go hitches. Installation instructions are supplied.

Q. Can commercial hitches be used for the Uni-go? 
A. Yes. You can purchase an adapter to mount the Uni-Go to an existing hitch. See the price list for details.

Q. Does the harness allow for additional electronics to be placed
within the trailer (i.e. a CD changer)?
A. There is an extra wire in the harness that may be used. The trailer plug has also an unused pin for this. That and constant power already in the trailer (power socket) could be used for a variety of purposes.