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Third Wheel Trailers


Third Wheel Trailers has been well recognized in the industry for its new, stylish, and innovative design. With its superb aerodynamics and lightweight construction, this is the most agile single wheel trailer ever created.

Third Wheel Crusier Trailer Third Wheel Crusier Trailer (2)

Having undergone numerous prototypes and every part carefully detailed via CAD design, you have a fit and finish, from the start of the frame to the finish of the shell, which gives you a complete airtight seal to ensure maximum protection for all of your items inside. All frame components are welded with a TIG welding system for maximum strength and penetration, giving us the ability and control to weld each part with greater precision and accuracy.

After the CAD design, the shell model then moves on to a CNC milling center where its shape begins to come forth with very low tolerances and precise dimensions. The original cast is formed over a solid mass of MDF, which gives you a perfectly shaped mold, for a perfectly shaped body.

Whichever model of trailer you choose, you will find the same accuracy in its design, quality in its manufacturing, assembly, and detail in its fit and finish from start to delivery to you.

This is our commitment to you, the customer.

When play becomes the long haul, we are right behind you.


Superb Handling

The most beneficial aspect of a single wheel trailer versus a 2 wheel is the fact that it leans with you at all times. This allows the center of gravity to always be in the center, as it is on the bike. You feel no side force or pull while cornering, not even while braking in the corner!

It is easy to avoid road hazards and obstacles. This means that any debris that you miss with the bike will also miss the trailer.

The trailer is no wider than the bike, giving you better aerodynamics than a wide trailer will. If the bike fits through an opening, so will the trailer!

Standard Trailer Specs


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